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Guide Rank Voting - PunJedi - 03-09-2014

Thank You Everyone. The Guide Vote is now over.

The 5 new Guides chosen are











Thank you, and for those that didn't make there is always a next time.

We had a ton of great responses and had to make some tough choices to keep it to 5 

so again, thank you all!

Guide Rank Voting - extrapoo2505 - 03-09-2014

extrapoo2505, If you consider me for one i wouldn't mind Smile. Sleeplessauto37 and Bricks3 are my votes

Guide Rank Voting - unkownking - 03-09-2014

unkownking,I really think I could help out Smile , Ill consider sleeplessauto37, and bricks3, Thanks Smile


Guide Rank Voting - bricks3 - 03-09-2014

I would like to step up to the voting station and put my name in the hat: bricks3


My other choices are:

sleeplessauto37 (He is kind and a nice friendly player)

extrapoo2505 (He also is a kind player and is on at my time when only, on occasion, CoryD97 is on)

- bricks3

Guide Rank Voting - JHULL78 - 03-09-2014

i say Sleeplessauto37, and Miner_49er for my top votes Smile

Guide Rank Voting - linkasourous - 03-09-2014

I vote for le Extrapoo2505 And le Bricks3 

Bricks3 is nice and helpful and a pretty swell dude

Extrapoo2505 is awesome, funny and helpful

Plus, poo is something we all have in common, right? :3

Guide Rank Voting - DoodleSeeker - 03-09-2014

DoodleSeeker, i'm so cool  Wink My other two votes are Bricks3 and Extrapoo2505 because they're awesome, friendly and helpful. I wish I could vote for Sleep too but I don't have a third vote. Sorry Sleep Sad

Guide Rank Voting - SunnySone - 03-09-2014

Sunnysone, ill vote for sleeplessauto and erm.... miner_49er

Guide Rank Voting - Creeper9207 - 03-09-2014

i think supercreeper9854 should be guide Smile (my vote)

Guide Rank Voting - Xaldinite - 03-09-2014

AISH TO MANY GOOD PEOPLE TO PICK FROM! I guess I'll pick the people I see most fitting for the role. Erm.. SunnySone and sleeplessauto37. I'll be mentioning other people to the staff too, but I guess those are my 2 top picks

Guide Rank Voting - Zackinator9 - 03-09-2014

Kilometre definitly, and sleepless

Guide Rank Voting - Tehswagosaurus - 03-09-2014

I say extrapoo2505 and if he gets TS, SunnySone, if not, bricks3 Big Grin

Guide Rank Voting - Miner_49er_101 - 03-09-2014

<------ I'll toss my own name in the hat, I suppose (Miner_49er_101
). Sleepless
is really helpful, hard to decide on others because of recent absence and the time of the day that I usually get on, will update this post with my second choice as soon as I can.

Guide Rank Voting - Mrkaboommm1 - 03-09-2014

I know it will be sleep he is really nice and everyone loves him Smile


Guide Rank Voting - sleeplessauto37 - 03-09-2014

Sleeplessauto37,I wouldn't mind being a Guide,If I'd pick I would choose Bricks3, and extrapoo2505 both of them are kind and helpful in the server. Smile

Guide Rank Voting - RitzyCosmos - 03-09-2014

I'm pretty cool. Tongue

I'm not going to choose anyone.

There are some admins that never do anything beneficial. No names.

Guide Rank Voting - Guest - 03-09-2014

CodyMX54 and Sleeplessauto37 are my picks but it would be nice to have more non Americans too. Kilometre and extrapoo2505 would be great for that.

Guide Rank Voting - jjredeck - 03-09-2014

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<p style="margin-left:0px;"><strong><strong>Miner_49er  and destroyersvibe</strong></strong>


Guide Rank Voting - Kysdog - 03-09-2014

One person, zman.


But i've noticed everyone that got voted is DonorMax, Is it a requirment..? :/

Guide Rank Voting - FinalFormSora - 03-09-2014

theres a few people i think would be really good. But Sleepless and Codymx54 are my top picks for guide.