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1.10 Teaser Video! - Moon - 08-24-2016

We have a lot of fun new things coming with the new 1.10 map. Since we are adding so much, it's taking us a little longer to get it ready. So FinalFormSora and I made a video with a few of the new plugins. The main one shown is MoreFish. It's pretty fun and you can get some great rewards for winning the competition. 


1.10 Teaser Video! - Kysdog - 08-24-2016

Oh man, I'm excited!

1.10 Teaser Video! - legoboy678^2 - 08-24-2016

that looks fun

1.10 Teaser Video! - rtandbk - 08-24-2016

This looks amazing! I cannot wait for the 1.10 update. There is just one problem. I am gonna be gone all next week, then school starts. So I might miss the first week of the server Sad