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Everything New In The 1.10 Update - Moon - 08-27-2016

<p class="bbc_center">XeGaming 1.10 Is Now Live!!

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<p class="bbc_center">Ranks

<p class="bbc_center">All ranks have changed names. You still have all the same things. The only thing that changed is the name. 

<p class="bbc_center">Owner is still Owner.

<p class="bbc_center">Admin is now CEO.

<p class="bbc_center">Guide is now Manager.

<p class="bbc_center">Dev Admin is now Technician.

<p class="bbc_center">Member is now Stone.

<p class="bbc_center">Donator is now Iron.

<p class="bbc_center">DonatorPlus is now Lapis.

<p class="bbc_center">DonatorMax is now Gold.

<p class="bbc_center">DonatorUltra is now Emerald.

<p class="bbc_center">DonatorEpic is now Diamond.

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<p class="bbc_center">Easy Elevators

<p class="bbc_center">To make an elevator place an enderpearl in the center of a crafting table and surround it with 8 of the same color wool. You can use any color. You can now place multiple elevators on different levels of a building and jump to go up or sneak to go down. Make sure not to put anything within 2 blocks above the elevator (including torches and signs) or it won't work.


<p class="bbc_center">Area Shop and Chest Shop

<p class="bbc_center">Shops have always been a big part of Xe but usually they're spread across the map and it can be tricky to find a shop that has what you want in stock at a good price. One of the most frequent questions we get is "Where are the shops?" We did our best to solve that problem. So now all shops are at the mall located at Spawn. You will NOT be able to use chest shops outside of your mall shop. The sign will pop off.

<p class="bbc_center">The shops all have a sign on them with a price. Corner shops cost 5,000x and the rest cost 2,500x.

<p class="bbc_center">When you find a shop you want to claim use /as buy while standing in the shop.

<p class="bbc_center">If you want to share your shop use /as addfriend name.

<p class="bbc_center">You can only have one shop at a time but all shops have two floors.

<p class="bbc_center">Your shop comes with an elevator, the gray wool you'll see on the floor. (Two in corner shops.) Jump to go up and sneak to go down.


<p class="bbc_center">To make a chest shop:

<p class="bbc_center">Place a sign on or above a chest.

<p class="bbc_center">Leave the first line blank. Your name will go here automatically.

<p class="bbc_center">On the second line put the amount of the item you want to buy or sell.

<p class="bbc_center">The third line will have your price use B for buy and S for sell. Separate with a colon. So if I want people to buy for 5 and sell to me for 10 my third line would say B 5:S 10

<p class="bbc_center">On the last line put the item ID or item name.


<p class="bbc_center">Hyperdrive

<p class="bbc_center">Previously our list of warps was text based and a bit hard to sort through but with the new plugin for warps they're categorized in an easy to use GUI. You can still do all the same things as before, it's just a lot easier to sort by warp type. You can choose to see public warps, just your warps, server warps (like wild warps) set by staff, and you can even buy and sell warps. If you are Emerald or Diamond rank you can even edit the icon your warp shows as in the listing, make the icon enchanted, add a description, and change the color of the title and description.

<p class="bbc_center">You can still use the same /warp create, /warp delete, and /warp list commands if you want to skip the GUI.

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<p class="bbc_center">Liquid Tanks

<p class="bbc_center">Stores experience, lava, soups, water, milk, and now dragon's breath. There's a tutorial at spawn.

<p class="bbc_center"> 

<p class="bbc_center"><span style="font-size:18px;">MCMMO


<p class="bbc_center">Skills for mining, fishing, logging, acrobatics, and lots more. /mcmmo for more info.

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<p class="bbc_center">ProQuests

<p class="bbc_center">Do /quests to open the quest menu. After you do a quest you'll be rewarded. More quests will be added shortly.

<p class="bbc_center">

<p class="bbc_center">CoreyD97 updated XJump for us with a lot of new effects. Bounce pads can now have 10 different effects. 

<p class="bbc_center">The basic recipe for any bounce pad is the same. Moss stone with a pressure plate. It's what goes under the moss stone that changes what the effect is.

<p class="bbc_center">You can add more blocks under the moss stone to increase the bounce power.

<p class="bbc_center">Stone Bricks- Low Power

<p class="bbc_center">Quartz- Average Power

<p class="bbc_center">Nether Brick- High Power

<p class="bbc_center">Pink Wool- Hearts effect with low power.

<p class="bbc_center">Obsidian- Explosion effect with low power.

<p class="bbc_center">Redstone- Sparks effect with low power.

<p class="bbc_center">Black Wool- Blindness effect with low power.

<p class="bbc_center">Green Wool- Nausea effect with low power.

<p class="bbc_center">No moss stone required. Just the block and a pressure plate:

<p class="bbc_center">Chiseled Stone- Will bounce you in the direction you are facing.

<p class="bbc_center">Furnace- Will bounce you in the direction the furnace is facing.


<p class="bbc_center">More Fish

<p class="bbc_center">Every two hours you'll see an announcement that says a fishing contest has started if 5 or more people are online. Grab a fishing rod and get fishing because the prizes are pretty awesome. The contest lasts ten minutes and the top 5 fishers get a prize. 


<p class="bbc_center">The Lab

<p class="bbc_center">In The Lab, your host the mad scientist Dr Zuk will spin a wheel to decide which 3 out of the 8 mini games you'll be playing. You'll then play the 3 games, lasting less than 3 minutes per game, and whoever wins the most rounds wins. 

<p class="bbc_center">The games you could be playing are:

<p class="bbc_center">Dodge Ball- Throw balls at each other, your score goes up when you hit someone, and down when you get hit.

<p class="bbc_center">Electric Floor- Run. Blocks will turn blue when ran over once, purple when ran on twice, and red when ran on three times. If you touch a red you lose.

<p class="bbc_center">Crazy Paints- Cover the room in more paint than everyone else.

<p class="bbc_center">Gold Rush- Mine gold as fast as you can.

<p class="bbc_center">Balloon Pop- Shoot the blocks above you. TNT and gold blocks are more points than wool.

<p class="bbc_center">Build a Snowman- Break the snow and pumpkins and build snowmen. Watch the timer on the right and make good use of the time.

<p class="bbc_center">Splegg- Run around and shoot the blocks under everyone else. Try to be the last one standing.

<p class="bbc_center">Wackamob- Shoot mobs. The farther away they are, the more points they give.

<p class="bbc_center"> 

<p class="bbc_center">Cube Runner

<p class="bbc_center">To enter a Cube Runner arena you can either click the sign in the mini games spawn or use the command /cr join arenaname. We currently have two arenas. Lobby1 is easy. Lobby2 is hard. Blocks will fall on top of you. Run and try to knock out your opponents. The last one still standing wins.


<p class="bbc_center">TNTRun

<p class="bbc_center">To enter TNTRun, use the sign at the mini games spawn or use /tntrun join Kaboom!

<p class="bbc_center">The TNT will fall as you run on it. There are several floors but you'll fall to the bottom fast if you don't plan out where you're going.


<p class="bbc_center">Super Trails

<p class="bbc_center">Super Trails has particles, rains, block trails, and wings. Iron rank can use just the rains. Lapis can use rains and block trails. Gold can use rains, block trails, and particles. Emerald can use rains, block trails, particles, and rain builder. Diamond can use rains, block trails, particles, rain builder, and wings builder.

<p class="bbc_center"> 

<p class="bbc_center">Ultra Cosmetics

<p class="bbc_center">But what was Sora riding in the video you posted?! Here's your answer finally. It was a mount and if you're Emerald or Diamond rank you can use it too. 

<p class="bbc_center">Do /uc menu main to access the ultra cosmetics menu. If you're Emerald rank you'll be able to use hats,particles, emotes, and mounts.

<p class="bbc_center">If you're Diamond rank you'll have everything Emerald has plus gadgets (including a portal gun), pets, and morphs.

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<p class="bbc_center">Voting

<p class="bbc_center">Go to http://www.xegaming.com/vote once a day to help support the server and get a key for a crate. You can vote on all four links to get four keys per day.

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<p class="bbc_center">Crate Reloaded

<p class="bbc_center">Crates are mystery boxes that you have to have a key to open. When you have a key right click it on the crate to open it. Roulette and food crates are hidden throughout the world. Diamond crates are located at spawn. Keys for roulette and food crates will be given in various ways (like by doing a quest). 

<p class="bbc_center">When you vote you will get a diamond key. There's a chance to get a roulette key instead.

<p class="bbc_center"> 

<p class="bbc_center">Reporting

<p class="bbc_center">See someone doing something against the rules? Report it to staff using /report thiername message. 

Everything New In The 1.10 Update - rtandbk - 08-27-2016

[Image: qRf6ZcgWOkRos.gif]



Everything New In The 1.10 Update - MegaCraft804 - 08-28-2016

I have so many tokens that im gonna be buying random people random ranks randomly. you just have to be online to be eligible