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Forum/site Changes - TheMineMart - 07-17-2014

As you can see the style of the forum has changed significantly.  Over the next few days I will be tweaking certain aspects of the forum to further improve the looks.  I feel as if this particular style flows more with what we do.


I do believe I have covered all the flaws of the last style:
  • You can now read what you are typing in a topic/reply
  • Editor buttons are fully visible
  • There was a significant amount of unneeded information in topics/posts, I have cleaned these up.

To do list:
  • Resize usergroup images
  • Style usergroups with css as oppose to in-line span styles
  • Add Downloads section
  • Set default avatar
  • Category Icons
  • Add useful links to chat bar
  • Compile help pages and command pages for members and staff as oppose to forum posts (This will allow any staff to update information, and present the information with the rest of the navigation)
  • Add Icons to navigation
  • Add forums for other hosted games
  • Add content in left side-bar (server status)

If you run into any issues with the theme, please let me know immediately.

Forum/site Changes - SunnySone - 07-17-2014

Wow it looks good! Just need a little minecraft theme to it. Perhaps a minecraft background or header. Smile

I made some graphics for XEgaming awhile back. Feel free to use it if you need it. 


Forum/site Changes - tigergirl1111 - 07-17-2014

i love it!Big Grin

Forum/site Changes - sleeplessauto37 - 07-17-2014

Looks awesome you over did yourself on the new epic site looks way better than before. Keep up the good work TMM. Smile

Forum/site Changes - Xaldinite - 07-17-2014

I love the colors now, its very pleasing to the eye. It looks smooth, great work Smile

Forum/site Changes - Mrkaboommm1 - 07-18-2014

Do you think you can add a "Remove Post" option for people who wanna delete their own post? Thanks

Forum/site Changes - Benatat12 - 07-18-2014

Looks great on the mobile version!

Forum/site Changes - FinalFormSora - 07-18-2014

New website looks amazing. great job on the mobile version.

Forum/site Changes - ExothermicNinja - 07-21-2014

Sorry to be overly curious, but what is the meaning of the grey circles below someone's membership?

Forum/site Changes - SunnySone - 07-21-2014

Quote:Sorry to be overly curious, but what is the meaning of the grey circles below someone's membership?
I believe its someones rating. If you go to their profile you can see 5 stars there, meant for other members of the forum to rate.

Forum/site Changes - Mrkaboommm1 - 07-21-2014

Woo. Then I got 5 stars Smile