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Selling New Infinisorter - legoboy678 - 09-18-2016

I am now selling Infini
 MK II Big Grin

The basic module can store 10 unique items! it holds 11k of each unique item so if you are terraforming there is lots of space even with the basic module, and it is modular so it could be expanded if needed. Infini
 can store 10 unique items like the basic but holds 14k of each item. INFINI
 holds 18.5k of each item and contains a garbage disposal, and if you purchase an additional module i will include an item elevator! If you provide all the materials the sorter will be half off! hope you buy the brand new Infini
! Thanks!

Selling New Infinisorter - legoboy678 - 09-20-2016

its just a prank kysdog.... i named it MEGAsorter im sorry for being mean lol