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  1.10 Update Coming. Please Read
Posted by: PunJedi - 08-15-2016, 04:40 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (14)

 I know it's been far too long since anything was posted. Many of you are probably thinking "Is Xe still alive?"

Well sit back and take a moment to read what's in store.
Yes, we are and have been but I admit, due to the summer and other life things, quite a few of us have not been in as often as we would like. As school season comes upon us that has been changing and I and staff have been more active.
We are now testing 1.10 on the test server and adding in plugins and taking out old ones to prepare for the main server update.
This is where the tricky part comes in. There will be a reset for 1.10.
I repeat, we are doing a full reset for 1.10. (Moment of silence for those still in shock)
"But PUN, all our work, all our efforts!" Yes I know. I always know how difficult it is for some and trust me, if I didn't fully believe a reset is necessary I wouldn't bother but as usual I'm left with very little to no choice.
The MAIN reason for this reset is two-fold.
1. The multiverse inventory plugins Multiverse-Inventories and Multi-Inv are both outdated. We have had to switch to an entirely new plugin to handle that.
Although the new plugin HAS import potential for the old versions I am not about to risk yet another inventory fiasco and/or even worse problems trying to port over years-old files into a new API.
2. Also due to inventories, when I set up the worlds we play on I didn't leave much for placeholders. Meaning any time we wanted to add an inventory specific world, we ran the risk of inventories getting wiped. Again, this is very difficult on my end to try and recover from and equally as frustrating for you as the player. For the 1.10 server I will be putting placehold worlds in that aren't accessible but can be brought online when needed, smoothly, with no interruption or loss of inventory.
The other reasons for the reset are the usual...new changes in 1.10 actually affect world generation, new mobs and AI changes affect the living worlds, and not to mention the plethora of abandoned,untidy, builds littering the world.
"What about our Xeebles we earned towards ranks?"
I will be doing something a bit new this time around. I will pull up the iConomy database list for each user. I will then tally up your total current Xeebles and issue locked tokens (by means of locked chests). Members will receive 100-coins, 500-coins, 1000-coins, 10,000-coins, 50,000-coins etc.. based on their total amount.
In other words. If Bobcraft has 43,000 Xeebles at time of reset, he will have a chest in the new world locked to staff only, with his name on it, and the equivalent tokens to match the 43,000 Xeebles. So 4 10,000 coin tokens, and 3 1000 coin tokens.
These will NOT be spendable tokens in the normal sense but CAN be used towards your rank update. We will also offer elite items that you can purchase and use some of your tokens towards that item if you like.
This will ensure that those who have worked to gain Xeebles for a rank will not lose out on the value they have earned.
"What about some of our builds that we are working on or don't want to lose?"
Those who are building or have built things in Creative world they don't want to lose will be schematic'ed, saved, and brought back into the new creative world. This should be fairly seamless and staff has ways of accurately copy/pasting builds.
Builds in MAIN world will be discussed on an individual basis.
I ask that you really consider if you must have the current build and that the less schematics we have to port over, the easier on all it will be.
Builds in End, Nether, Skyblock, or PVP world will NOT be considering for transport. However, staff may do a bonus for the top 5 islands at the time of reset.
"When will this reset happen?"
We are tentatively looking at within the next 5 to 7 days that we will be ready, all Xeebles accounted for, and all schematics saved. There is still a bit of testing on the test server to ensure that familiar plugins work how we need them to, and new stuff is working as best it can.
"Any major surprises coming in this new world?"
YES! We are not only adding new, more fun related games and events, but we are bringing back a couple old favorites that have been updated again. I won't spoil it for ya but I can say that this time around we aim to have more games interaction without detracting from the base 'survival' aspect of the game.
There will be some staff adjustments as well. Non-active staff will be set to Highest-Rank and others who aren't able to contribute as much may be stepped down a staff rank or set to Highest-Rank as well. This will be at Owner discretion.
Expect many changes over the next few days and we will probably open up the test server for some proper Beta-Testing before going fully live with 1.10.
I apologize that this was such a long read but it's quite important and this way you have most of the upcoming info all in one fell swoop.
Thank you everyone and here's to another round of awesome!



Check out /warp allshop (almost all items will be bought) This will help you gain more tokens for the 1.10 world! Smile

  I Think I Broke The Server...
Posted by: legoboy678 - 08-14-2016, 01:14 AM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (2)

i was in creative and the server crashed while i was using worldedit... I replaced some daylight sensors, redstone lamps, and redstone lamps into glass then the server crashed no idea what happened

hopfully the server will be back up soon


  Commands Members Are Missing
Posted by: rtandbk - 08-13-2016, 09:57 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (1)

This topic will cover commands that are either very much needed or are wanted by some or most users (to the best of my memory)
Precious Stones: 

               /ps who 

               /ps toggle [


- Prevents player teleporting inside the field, this includes ender pearls.

are the key source of exploits
to enter an

                                                   For Example: Houses, Encased Auto Sorters
, and Grinders with their spawners,

                                                   Note: If anyone set a home here, they will not be able to tp to it. [Untested

-  Will prevent
anyone not allowed
from entering into any inventory
blocks inside the field, this includes chests, furnaces, beacons, hoppers
, enderchests, etc.

                         buyable - Would allow players to sell this field using a sign with the [Buy] tag. Details for how this works can be found in the wiki.
General Commands: 



This topic is still a very much work in progress
EDIT: Removed a few unneeded commands
EDIT2: Brought back buyable

  Ability To Bind Commands To Certain Keys
Posted by: rtandbk - 08-11-2016, 01:00 AM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (2)

Do we have the ability to do /bind <command> <key>? I feel it would be really cool for someone who does a lot of command with worldedit or lwc to use this to the full potential.


For example. Someone who tests worldedit would like the key "Break" to do a world edit undo. Someone who messes with /speed may want to use the number pad 123456790 to do certain speeds.


When I do /bind it says unknown command?

  The Obvious And Unobvious 1.10 Additions
Posted by: TheMineMart - 08-10-2016, 09:09 PM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (1)

[Image: wKxGnW6.jpg]

  Selling Mending Books And Nametags
Posted by: legoboy678 - 08-08-2016, 10:12 PM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (3)

I'm starting to sell mending books and nametags because lots of people need or want mending and cannot quickly get it or they need name tags for dogs, cats, or horses. I think I will sell mending books for 500 Xeebles each and the name tags for 100 Xeebles each at /warp
This might seem high right now but currently these items, Dragon heads, Notch apples and music disks are the most difficult items to obtain without kits, maybe later when i can get my income of mending books and name tags faster I will lower the price but that is what I am staying with unless pun tells me to make them cheaper, I can make deals if you do not have enough Xeebles to buy what you want. Also i am selling dragons breath! 4 breath for a low price of 30 Xeebles!

  Xxp Amazingness
Posted by: legoboy678 - 08-08-2016, 09:52 PM - Forum: Media - Replies (2)

I just did something amazing! I hit #1 on /xxp top! (pun make sure you write this down and see if someone beats my 1500 levels on xxp, this should be a record) here's the link:



  Posting Screenshots Easally
Posted by: legoboy678 - 08-08-2016, 08:08 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (6)

I just hit 1500 EXP levels in my xxp bank but i cant find any easy websites to post my screenshot to, other than discord which only about 10-30 people actually use discord daily, so i want everyone to see my amazing achievement about: 1. passing rtandbk i /xxp top, and 2. hitting 1500 levels in my xxp acct. I hope i can get some help with all of that


  Not Able To Summon Horse
Posted by: rtandbk - 08-05-2016, 02:05 AM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (4)

I cannot do this in anyway I try.

I do /stables summon Cupcakes and it says: "You cannot call your steed from another world"


When I do /stables summon Cupcakes World. It says: "A horse by that name was not located"




Same goes for /stables summon World Cupcakes




I really want to summon my horse to my base! 

  Rank Tags On Discord
Posted by: legoboy678^2 - 08-04-2016, 02:53 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)

hey i need to be in DX group on the discord server, thanks 

also i'm getting an InfiniSorter at my base!


(i'm too lazy to use my main acct right now)