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  Featured Shop For November
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 11-07-2016, 12:55 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Congrats to Cuki84
for being sleected as this months Featured Shop
in Xmall.


For being picked as the featured shop she has recieved 1000 xeebles
, a holo
at the mall, and /warp shop
outside her shop
go visit her at shop 14
or /warp shop








  Xegaming Ftb Info
Posted by: Moon - 10-25-2016, 10:29 PM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies

We are now hosting a Feed the Beast server.

The server is running Revelations 1.12.2

https://www.feed-the-beast.com/ to download. We recommend the legacy launcher.

Once downloaded, connect to xegaming.com as usual and go through the FTB portal.

  Xegaming Ftb Info
Posted by: Moon - 10-25-2016, 10:29 PM - Forum: Tutorials - No Replies

We are now hosting a Feed the Beast server.

The server is running Infinity 1.7.10. 

 to download. We recommend the legacy launcher.

You will also need the Enchanting Plus and Morph mods here: 

The ip is

The server is whitelisted. You have a few options to get on the whitelist.

You can donate for Obsidian which comes with more perks on the Minecraft server. More info on Obsidian here: https://xegaming.com/forums/index.php?/t...dian-rank/

If FTB access is the only Obsidian perk you want we also offer a subscription. It's $7 a month for 3 months for a total of $21. You can also just donate $21 with the manual upgrades option.

We recommend just upping to Obsidian if you are already Emerald rank or higher because it ends up being a smaller donation ($20 for Emerald, $15 for Diamond)

FinalFormSora will get you whitelisted no later than 24 hours after your donation.

  Going To Try Something (Crosses Fingers)
Posted by: PunJedi - 10-21-2016, 07:18 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Did some reading to verify what I've learned about map gen and player stats. I am going to try a simple map wipe while leaving the player data intact.


What does this mean?


If it works proper we should start with a brand new map (same seed for now) but it will be at Day 0 and all of your builds and chests will be gone.


However, if it works right, you will keep your exp, levels, recipes, and possibly the inventory you have on hand.


I will be messing with this until the 1st to get it right at which time we should be ready for a more long-term map.



After finding out what caused the 'skyland' bug, I'm confident I can keep that from happening again.



Wish me luck! Smile

  7Days November 1St Restart
Posted by: PunJedi - 10-20-2016, 05:51 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

After some discussion with staff we feel that it's time to do a full map reset. Why?  Well, let me tell ya...


1. During an early morning crash I tried to restore the server and thanks to the tool that I use to manage 7days, it defaulted to the Navezgane map...


What does this mean? Long story short, it blended the Navezgane map with the Randomgen map and that is why you see the "skylands" world gen as you are walking around.


I have tried many options to fix it but due to my own inexperience with hosting this game, and some early alpha bugs, it has caused some major conflicts.


2. We were running with 'backups' turned on but I had not set up the directory structure properly. Meaning, backups were running, but pulling data from a non-used and non-applicable world.


 I have backups running proper now and have done testing to ensure they are not only working proper, but can actually recover data from any losses.


3. Lastly, the issues with the blended world gen have caused problems with the standard POI's that generate in the world. Example, the Western Settlement for trading is buried in a crater that, without admin access, is almost entirely inaccessible.


This also causes problems with traveling and exploring due to the visual range being skewed, as well as environment effects being blended (Drowning in desert, overheating in winter biomes etc..)



I apologize that we are having these issues, and I take full responsibility. I have been hosting minecraft for over 6 years, and taking on a new game has its own challenges.


I can assure you, however, that not only am I a quick study, but I have quite a few ideas for the future of 7Days Xe version.


Having said that, thank you for your patience, please comment any ideas or concerns, and Happy Survivin'!




Map Reset will be November 1st, 2016. This will be a full stats, inventory, XP, and world reset.

After this reset I will work to ensure that some stats/items can be carried over during update-required resets (Example, Alpha 16, Alpha 17, Beta 1 etc..)

  Nether Wart Farm - Educate Me
Posted by: RitzyCosmos - 10-18-2016, 03:13 AM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (3)

So I spent a few hours making this Nether Wart farm.



I did the math like five times, and the total amount of growing space (soul sand) is 4,896 blocks.


I've planted and harvested twice (with water each time), and the best yield I've gotten from the farm (with 99% full growth) was only 6,869 nether wart.


But... fully grown Nether Wart is supposed to yield 2-4... I should be seeing yield numbers past 12,240 (4,896 x 2.5). At least 9,792 (4,896 x 2).

I've checked around the whole entire thing twice for more drops and never find any more.


Am I lacking knowledge of some game mechanic with water and nether wart? Or is there a maximum drop amount per chunk or something?




  7 Days To Die Server
Posted by: PunJedi - 10-15-2016, 03:28 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Figured I would post this in Other Games, as we don't yet officially have a spot for it in the web/forums (soon!)


Anyhow. You can join us on 7DaysToDie at Default Port: 26900



A word of caution: This is a Mature Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Survival Sandbox game and as such we do not have, nor enforce language filters

unless it is racist, bullying, or beyond what we consider excessive.


Minecraft will be kept age-appropriate and family friendly but we ask that anyone

joining the 7 Days To Die server, be forewarned that it is anything but, family friendly Smile



<b>We are currently running on Random Gen world with Alpha 15. We will keep this world unless forced to restart by a major update.</b>


<b>Come join us and remember this is PVE but PvP will not be punished if used for self-defense or agreed upon interaction.</b>


<b>We also discourage raiding of personal bases / builds as there is PUHLENTY of resources available in the world.</b>


<b>Check out the website </b>http://7daystodie.com/?home for more information on the game and ongoing development.



<b>This is an alpha build so keep in mind it is still likely bugged and glitched and I can only assist you in so many ways if something goes wrong.</b>

<b>This game is for more advanced survivalist and not the casual builder.</b>


<b>Thank you and enjoy!</b>

<b> </b>

  Monthly Update For October
Posted by: Moon - 10-11-2016, 04:57 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

We've made a few changes since taking ownership of the Minecraft server. Since it's hard to keep up with the forums sometimes we're going to start doing monthly update posts instead of individual posts about each update. I'll link these in the Facebook group and Discord. I'll edit this post if we add anything else.
The first are our staff changes. Please welcome HX_Tink
to Manager and Mrkaboommm1
to CEO!
One of the most important things I have learned from watching how Pun ran Xe is to give people multiple chances and they might surprise you. Some bans Pun would pardon had me so confused before I got staff but as I've watched the community I've realized that's the right way to do things. MrKaboommm1 is proof of that. 
He has become not only a close friend to a lot of us but a vital member of our staff. I am confident in our decision and I hope you all will be too.
We like to keep a small active staff so we have ranked some inactive staff to Diamond. This is nothing personal. The server is just too small to keep inactive people as staff. If we get numbers back up there's always a chance to be promoted again. So don't forget to vote every day at Xegaming.com/vote
. It only takes a couple minutes and you get some great in game rewards from the vote crates at spawn.
Edit: 11/18/2016: /kit noob is now /kit stone.

Kits have been completely redone. Noob and Iron can be done every 12 hours, Lapis through Diamond every 24 hours, and Obsidian is every 48 hours.
[Image: ZwegYYb.png]
You now get Xeebles for mob kills. It's a very small amount and you do not get anything from mobs from spawners but if you go in the wild at night you should be able to make some good money.
I made a post on it but if you haven't seen, we added a new rank, Obsidian
. Obsidian includes a region and access to the Obsidian mob grinder. More info on it in this thread: https://xegaming.com/forums/index.php?/t...dian-rank/
Don't forget, you can get a 20% rank (or rank upgrade) discount if you send us a picture of "I <3 XeGaming!" at a landmark.
Obsidian rank also get access to the XeGaming Feed the Beast server. If you don't want Obsidian but want Feed the Beast, there is also a $7 a month subscription for 3 months. ($21 total to keep access.)
The subscriber package has been added back to Buycraft. 
It's $5 a month and you get an npc of you placed in /warp subscribers, a chest that will have new items placed in it every month including at least 1 enchanted tool, a small 9x9 plot where you can build or have a shop, and access to the monthly bosses.
Apple seed is back.
The admin shop is now available. You can buy from it at a high price but you can also sell to it to make money. The only things in it are things that are not able to be mined or crafted. If you have a large farm or use grinders a lot this will be very useful to you.
Info on the horse protection plugin is coming soon.
We are finalizing how we'd like to implement pvp. You can vote here if you have any opinions on how we should do it: https://xegaming.com/forums/index.php?/t...n-in-main/
Regions will be coming back. They're going to have high restrictions like they did a few years ago. You'll have to have houses, an established mine, a power source, etc.
Quests are all in and working great. /quests to see which ones are in. If you like to raise your mcmmo skills, these can make you a bit of extra money. Make sure to start all of the quests. I'll be adding more soon.
Palmetto is hosting a building contest. More info on it here: https://xegaming.com/forums/index.php?/t...g-contest/
PunJedi is now running 7 Days to Die. It is a more adult game with more relaxed rules. Read here for info and the IP https://xegaming.com/forums/index.php?/t...ie-server/

  Pvp On In Main?
Posted by: Moon - 10-07-2016, 11:19 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (11)

We are thinking about turning pvp on in survival. If we do, sponges will be a safe zone. This would allow survival to be a little more challenging. We would also add some more quests to give more rewards for pvping.

Your opinion matters to us so please vote on the poll and comment with your thoughts.

We'll make a decision in about a week.

  Time For A New Building Contest!
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 10-07-2016, 01:53 AM - Forum: Competitions - Replies (8)

It's time for another building contest to see some of the awesome things you guys can build!

The theme for this contest will be race tracks and it is being sponsored by Palmetto.


Were looking for the best boat, horse, or other type of race track you can build. 

We will judge on creativity and functionality.


The winner of the contest will get a donation by Palmetto to Obsidian rank in game. Second and third place will receive some in game prizes to be decided on by the staff.


To start go to the creative world with /warp contest and pick a plot near Palmetto's example track plot then use /plot claim while standing in the plot, create a public warp to your plot, then comment on this post with the type of track you are making and the name of your warp.


The contest will last for 30 days.


We look forward to seeing what you build!


Don't forget if you are gold rank or higher you can use world edit in creative for the contest.