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Posted by: kilometre - 04-04-2014, 11:39 PM - Forum: Other Games - Replies (2)

I've had terraria for quite the time now but have never played multiplayer!

I was just wondering who else had the game and if anyone knows any server with a community like Xegaming's.

I don't want it to be over crowded but I don't want to be the only 1 on. Make sure its safe aswell.


Thanks to who ever helps contribute!

Posted by: Tehswagosaurus - 04-04-2014, 11:20 AM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (6)

As I am away at Easter (unfortunately without wifi) I may as well say now... Happy Holidays! Enjoy it.

  Update: Where In The World Is Mm?
Posted by: TheMineMart - 04-03-2014, 12:40 PM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (4)

Xaldin Members & Staff,

Let me start by saying this is not one of those sad stories of another veteran leaving the server.  I have had a company subtract me for several weeks to completely rework their office network and equipment.  Halfway through the job, I was offered a full-time position that I could not simply pass up.  I have been givin the task of developing a completely custom costing software, I am near completion on the Phase 1 deadline.  We are trying to release by the company's 4 year mark which happens be in less than a month. 


After this date, you all should start seeing me a lot more once again.


I have made this decision to move with this company and away from my home office for various reasons, in November I invested a great deal of money into ASIC mining rigs for digital currency mining, I have spent what most spend on a new car.  In December my biggest account holder had traded hands going from a worldwide corporation into a privately owned company.  In order to buy-out the rest of the shares, they had to cut their $100k/per year website promotion campaign I have setup for them.  This left me in an incredibly uncomfortable situation.  I am starting to receive enough from mining and trading to cover the costs of my loan payments.  I am currently mining an average of 1.2 TH/s with about 3/4 of my hardware running.  I have not had the time to get the other rigs setup and running yet.

After my 60+hrs per week hours slow down to normal hours after my deadline I will be back!

  I'm Sorry, My Derplings...
Posted by: linkasourous - 04-01-2014, 09:46 PM - Forum: General Lounge - Replies (5)

I love this server; it's been a wild adventure, and I've met so many awesome people here. There've been ups and downs, but most of the time, Xe has become a place where I can relax and have fun. 

Unfortunately, life is too crazy for me to be spending my time playing... I will have to leave XeGaming and I am very, very sorry. I am glad and honored to have been a Guide here. I wish nothing but the best for Xe, I hope that the community will thrive. 

To all of my Derplings, fellow staff and friends: You all rock! I'll definitely miss you all, thanks for a the fun times. I know I've got some unfinished projects still, but there are bigger things in life that I have to give my attention to. 

Guides: This goes to all the guides. Extrapoo, sunnysone, bricks3, miner, Jhull etc... It's been great serving around the community with you all. Some of you I don't know as well as others, but that doesn't mean I like you any less. Keep up the good work. 

Admins: To all of the admins, I look up to every single one of you. Even ones that I've had rough times with (cough cough, brandon cough cough...) But everything's fine between us now, right? Even ones that I'm not extremely close with, I still look up to you. 

To the owner, PunJedi: XeGaming is fantastic. It's wonderful. It's the best Minecraft server ever. I've been on some servers that have a bunch of members, super popular and all, but none of them compare to Xe, because Xe is where the amazing community is. Thank you, so much for getting Xe started again, letting me have Guide rank again, and overall, being the best owner of any Minecraft server. You're awesome, I'm going to miss seeing you in-game (and, well, building stuff around you while you're afk...). Good luck with Xe. If anyone can forge a great, safe server with a wonderful community, you certainly can. 

  Chatting Away From Home
Posted by: AxeEcliptica - 03-31-2014, 07:39 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (16)

I'm kind of new to XE, so I guess I'll start with a hello~ I'm Axe. I've been playing minecraft for a little less than about three years now. I just recently migrated from a different server that was having problems.

Anyways, I derp around on the high school PC's a bit, and I guess this is just a way we can talk and derp together when I can't play on the server. Let's talk about E

Because I'm bored and have no better way of starting a conversation I shall pose a question...

If there was any mob in minecraft you could remove completely which one would it be? It can be any one you like: hostile or friendly.

  Crash [I Know Why]
Posted by: Creeper9207 - 03-26-2014, 09:15 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (3)

as you know today the server is being innacessable, that is because the server is running spigot, about 20 minutes ago spigot servers went down do to a crash of some sort, if you didnt know -Creeper9207


  Pvp, Za, And Changes.
Posted by: PunJedi - 03-26-2014, 02:07 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (11)

I wanted to give an update on to what is happening Thursday the 27th in the morning (Pacific Time).


We will be shutting down for a little while so that I can split Zombie Apocalypse into it's world. This will allow us to have

shared inventories with ZA world so you can bring in your best gear, and also so that the rewards earned are actually able to be used

in main world. 

PvP will be disabled in the new ZA world (name to be announced)

We will be trying an extreme biomes world with a slightly small border, approx 5000 to 8000 and putting the Theatre/Town back in as the spawn for that world.


PVP!!!  Yes I know there are a lot of complaints and gripes about how it is right now. I apologize but I wanted to see how it was being initially received and what the major concerns were.

Having learned quite a bit here is the PvP update list.


1. PvP , will not have ZA running at nights in that world.

2. We will reset the cityworld generator being used and go to the Sahara Desert looking one. This will help reduce the "junky" look of a clean generated city as it will already look somewhat aged and abandoned.

(If it looks too horrible we can try the other styles )

3. We will be pulling PvPManager and adding in the Xteam plugin we were familiar with on Old Xe.  This allows for Teams and Headquarters but doesn't over-ruin the true pvp aspect.

4. LWC, Sponges, and most likely, Shops, will be fully disabled in PvP world (Evix) this time around. We are going to go more of a core hardcore pvp aspect

5. lastlyish  PvP world will remain, as always, separate inventory from main world, and KeepInv will be off. Smile Happy slayin'


If you have any major questions or concerns dealing with this then be sure to respond below and let me know.

  Pvp Gem
Posted by: KolsonE - 03-24-2014, 07:40 AM - Forum: Media - Replies (3)

So while I was exploring I accidentally fell in a waterfall and found this gem in the PvP world http://i.imgur.com/BOuGvZM.png

These are naturally spawned and are scattered all around the map. Have fun looking for these and be careful, because they are extremely treacherous  Smile


Also one last note, the sponges (in my inventory) were spawned naturally so no hax were used. They are just difficult to find and get.


[Image: BOuGvZM.png]

  Xe Logo
Posted by: SunnySone - 03-23-2014, 02:45 PM - Forum: Media - Replies (5)

I kinda ran out of signatures to make so i had to find something else to do.. I ended up making some XEgaming logos.. Not sure where to post them so im posting them here lol..

[Image: HLqIw9O.png]


[Image: 3SXL1lz.png]


[Image: JYsiEBH.png]


[Image: 9huLzfu.png]

  Clan Discussion Section
Posted by: SunnySone - 03-22-2014, 04:37 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (4)

Name of suggestion: (name)
  Clan discussion Section
Description: (What is the suggestion about)
A new section for clan owners to post their PvP's clans information
(Why should this be implemented)
With the new PvP world, players are going to be starting clans of their own. They can post their clan information in this section and use it to recruit members, discuss clan activities, find other clans to ally with, arrange a clan battle with other clans, etc...