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  Xegaming Rust Server
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 01-09-2017, 06:42 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Some of you might already know we have been starting to host more games in addition to the Minecraft server we now have Feed the beast and 7 Days to Die. We now have a Rust server set up.
If you own the game and want to join us the connection info is listed below.
Click this link to join the server!
Or alternatively, you can find us using the server browser by searching XeGaming or use console with client.connect

we are running: 3X gathering, NoDecay, BetterLoot, InstaCraft, RustIO Live Map, Friends, Clans, TP, Kits, Sign Artist, Vote Rewards, Quick Smelt, ZLevels, Remove, AutoDoors and more. 

you can claim a starter kit 3 times per wipe with /kit starter. 

Rust IO Live Map. http://playrust.io/map/?
If you havent heard of the game and want more info on it.

  Hide And Seek
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 12-28-2016, 06:37 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

We have a new minigame added to the minigames world.


Hide and Seek!


The idea of the game is there are hiders who hide as different blocks around different arenas while seekers try to find and kill the hiders.


To join a game use /has join then a gui will come up to select a map. 


when i game starts you find the best spot to hide and after 5 seconds your block will become solid and you will blend in.


you can also use /warp hideandseek and join with an arena sign, see your stats, and see the top 3 players.


At the end of each month the top 3 players will get different in game rewards.


as you play the game you earn points which can be spent in the hide and seek shop from your hotbar for different upgrades and game perks.



There is a contest at /warp contest to build your best hide and seek arena.


More info can be found here.



  Hide And Seek Arena Competition
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 12-28-2016, 06:27 AM - Forum: Competitions - Replies (1)

We have a new minigame!


Hide and Seek at /warp minigames or /warp hideandseek so we need some fun and creative arenas to use for the game.


If you have ever played the game there are hiders who hide as different blocks around a map while the seekers try to find them. 


This gives you the freedom to design any kinda of arena that you want but the more creative and the more places there are for players to blend well as blocks the better.


to get started go to /warp contest and pick a plot around the area. Build whatever type of arena over the next month you would like to enter. And pick the 5-7 blocks you feel would be best used for players to hide with.


The contest will go from December 28th to February 1st. The best entries will be used as arenas for the minigame in the creative world and the top 3 areas will receive different prizes to be determined when staff judges.




  Zombie Apocalypse And Chess
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 12-11-2016, 05:45 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

So if anyone hasn't seen in game lately ZA is working again! It is located in the new Extreme PVP world.


Each night at /warp za or anywhere in the world there will be a 50% chance that a Apocalypse will happen. When it starts it will spawn zombies based on how many people are currently in that world and require you to kill half of that amount to complete the horde and claim your prize.


The ZA arena is is safe from PVP





Also we have ChessCraft running again at /Warp Chess  to start a game do /chess create game (Nameofgame) and it will generate a game. You can invite other players with /chess invite (playername) or /chess invite to send a open invitation. Or you can use /chess start to start the game with an AI to play. To move your piece just select it with a empty hand by left clicking and click the space you would like to move it to.



  Minecraft 1.11 Is Live!
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 11-30-2016, 04:58 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Xegaming 1.11 is live! the Extreme world has been reset to 1.11 and the main world has a border of 50k now so new generation in main will be 25k-50k. Also the nether border has been incresed to 20k.


Ultracosmetics and TNT run are not yet updated to 1.11 so it will be a little while until we have those plugins back up again.


Creative plots are being a little weird. they are still protected from other or claim by other but you will have to refresh your claim by doing plot claim in the plot.

  Black Friday Sale
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 11-22-2016, 09:28 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Our first holiday sale has started! Now through the end of Cyber Monday visit http://xegaming.buycraft.net/ for discounts on ranks and packages. There will also be item giveaways and rewards in game on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


$3 Off Iron - Lapis Rank 

25% off Emerald and Diamond Ranks 

and 20% off Obsidian Rank 

60% off Support packs and Xeeble packs


Manual donations durning the sale would match the percentage off the rank.

Example: Iron to Obsidian =28$

          Diamon to Obsidian =12$


There is also a special Black Friday package


This is a gift pack for the Black Friday sale. Players can claim 1 per person. Donations are optional for this package and are not required as it is a Holiday gift. This package will trigger a /give to the player in game.

  Monthly Update For November
Posted by: Moon - 11-18-2016, 04:52 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

After a crazy month we're happy to finally be back to bring you some new stuff to the Minecraft server.

As you all probably know, 1.11 is out. But don't go panic selling everything, the main survival world isn't being reset. We plan to just add a new world and keep our 1.10 survival world. You can still connect to Xe if you update your game but how quickly we are able to update the server will depend on how fast our necessary plugins update.

And speaking of new worlds... If you saw the thread about us wanting to add pvp, you know opinions on making the Minecraft server more challenging were very mixed. Everyone made some great points and we decided to just add a new world incorporating a lot of the ideas we got from people. We're calling it Survival Extreme.
To get there /warp worlds and go through the gate.

Fly is off for all, pvp, fire spread, creeper damage, and TNT are on, Mcmmo blast mining is enabled, keep inventory is off. To allow for the world to be used for mining, inventory is shared with the main survival world. This means you will need to be more careful where you home/warp/tpa if you don't want to enter a non safe area. Auto kill warps are still bannable if we see abuse luring people from the main survival world.
Moss stone
are the precious stones protection zones for Extreme, just like sponges in main but they have a radius of 20. Everyone gets 4 Extreme protection zones.

If your area is not protected with a moss cobble stone you risk being raided. Raiding is not bannable in this world so be careful who you add to your zones.

We are not using LWC in Extreme. This means if you want your chests locked they must be in your protection zone.

Since inventory is shared you can use your kits in either survival world but we have renamed kit noob to kit stone.
The name change applies in all worlds. Home and warp amounts are also shared across worlds.

The Survival Extreme world is not guaranteed to be free of resets. If we do have any resets we will make sure to give lots of warning so you can keep your stuff but there will likely be a reset for 1.11. For the 1.11 map we'll probably make the world amplified too.
The ATM is back.
We've lowered the payout a bit and might still adjust it more but you can once again sell your gold ore to /warp atm.

The subhall is back. /warp subhall for more info and to see perks.

Most Buycraft packages will be discounted
for a week starting Tuesday November 22nd. Some will be up to 40% off. We'll announce in Discord when the sale is live.

The Bad Pun Sword
is back for sale in the Admin Shop for 70k along with a bow and pickaxe for 60k each.

[Image: 2016-11-17_23-45-58.png][Image: 2016-11-17_23-45-42.png][Image: 2016-11-17_23-45-47.png]

A post about the next contest is coming soon. It's going to be a shop contest but it'll be located in a new market area outside the Spawn mall so you can build the outside of your shop too.

Regions will be coming back with some strict requirements on what kinds of buildings you have to have. More info on that hopefully by the end of the month.

  Test Post Please Ignore!
Posted by: CoreyD97 - 11-13-2016, 10:07 PM - Forum: Media - Replies (1)

[Image: 666453_c26ecacd.jpg]

  Recent Down Time
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 11-13-2016, 09:43 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Hey guys I'm sure some of you have noticed we were down for a bit. We made a change to the internet service and it was something that was supposed to be quick and simple. Pancake was in the hospital for a couple weeks so when things went down It took a bit to fix while we waited for her to get discharged. We have been so lucky to have help from Corey and Jason to help solve it all and everything should now be back online. Thank you all for your continued patience.

  Build Contest Results!
Posted by: FinalFormSora - 11-07-2016, 02:33 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

Congrats to CodyMX54
for winning Octobers creative world build contest sponsored by Palmetto


and Kysdog
and LegoBoy678
for winning 2nd and third place.


The theme was race tracks or boat races and he created a pretty awesome recreation of Super Mario 64's Rainbow road.




The track is located in creative at /warp rainbowroad
Check it out! 


The 1st place prize is the highest rank of Obsidian


Since Cody is already Obsidian rank he's helped pick SpeedyNamo
to be upgraded and Cody will receive a steam key for 7 Days to Die 


2nd place has won 5,000 Xeebles


and 3rd place has won 2,500 Xeebles


Thanks everyone for your participation and if you didn't win there will be more opportunities for contests and prizes.


The theme for the next build contest will be announced later in the month in the monthly update post and take place in December.