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  Best place for Assignments
Posted by: deniden - 04-15-2022, 06:27 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

I am so excited to tell you that you are at the right place, and you will find an expert writer to help you in completing your assignements at College life network Help. Our team of professionals consists of many writers who have knowledge and expertise in different fields of education. Be it Science assignment or Business assignment; our professionals are experts in handling any kind of Assignment. The professionals doing my assignment help are selected after a number of tests.

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Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:56 AM - Forum: General - No Replies


    ETFE ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer is a fluorine-based plastic designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range. Thanks to its special chemical and physical properties, ETFE is widely applied in the chemical, electrical/electronic, construction, architectural, and automotive industries. ETFE copolymers are basically alternating copolymers, and in the molecular formula, they are isomeric with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) with a head-to-head, tail-to-tail structure. ETFE has excellent electrical and chemical properties. ETFE is especially suited for applications requiring High Mechanical Strength, High Chemical Resistance, Superior thermal and electrical properties.

    With low smoke and flame characteristics, ETFE powder is rated 94V-0 by UL It is odorless and non-toxic. Exhibits outstanding resistance to weather and aging, Exception UV transmission Excellent dielectric properties. Its radiation resistance is high with the advantage of being cross-linked by high-energy radiation. Thanks to its special chemical and physical properties, ETFE powder is widely applied in the chemical, electrical/electronic, construction, architectural, and automotive industries.

    PAM polyacrylamide is a synthetic water-soluble polymer made from monomers of acrylamide. PAM binds soil particles together. Once soil particles suspended in water are bound together by PAM, they settle out, so water has a harder time washing them out of the field. Water-soluble polymers like PAM have been known to benefit soil properties for a long time. Recently these polymers have gained renewed attention for their use in reducing irrigation-induced erosion, now that the cost of applying PAM has become economically feasible. Other uses of polymers like PAM include treatment of municipal water supplies, food packaging, adhesives, a boiler water additive, film former in the imprinting of soft-shell gelatin capsules, adjuvants in the manufacturing of paper and paperboard, and the list goes on and on.

    Anionic polyacrylamide is the generic name for a group of very high molecular weight macromolecules produced by the free-radical polymerization of acrylamide and an anionically charged comonomer, mainly the sodium salt of acrylic acid, sodium acrylate. Anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) as an important flocculant possess the advantages of high molecular weight, acceptable flocculation performance, low cost and green. The anionic chemical groups in APAM are able to neutralize the positive charge of colloid particles in the wastewater and lead them to crash, aggregate and settle.

    Along with the increasing need for water resources, the recycling and reuse of municipal wastewater are essential. Cationic polyacrylamide is effective flocculants over a wide range of PH and nontoxic. They could be specially used for the wastewater with negative charges. Cationic polyelectrolyte water treatment is really an effective and cost-saving way.

    Polyaluminum chloride is used mainly to remove color and colloidal matter in aqueous systems. It is also used in water treatment plants, clarification of industrial effluents and as a replacement for aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride, ferric chloride, ferric sulfate and other non-polymerized conventional inorganic salts.

    Aluminium sulfate is the most widely used aluminium coagulant (Section 8.20 ). It is available in a number of solid grades such as block, kibbled or ground and is also available as a solution typically containing 8–8.3% w/w Al 2 O 3. Aluminum sulfate serves as a coagulant and flocculating agent in water treatment, making the water easier to clean. It is mainly used in municipal water treatment plants to treat wastewater and potable water.

    Concrete superplasticizer refers to an admixture that can reduce water consumption and increase the strength of concrete. It also refers to the admixture for saving cement in the condition of constant workability and strength. While with the improvement of the quality of construction projects, the use of concrete superplasticizers has become increasingly widespread. Superplasticizers reduce the water content and the cement content. Also, it increases the workability of concrete. and reduces the permeability of concrete.

    Polycarboxylic acid series superplasticizer is a high-performance water reducer and a cement dispersant for cement concrete applications. Widely used in highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, high-rise buildings and other projects. The product is environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-explosive, and can be safely transported by train and car.

    Naphthalene series superplasticizer (naphthalenesulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate) and some other chemical admixtures play an important role in modern concrete materials and technologies. It can improve the various properties of concrete and promote the development of new concrete technologies. When used together with mineral admixtures (also known as mineral admixtures), it promotes the utilization of industrial by-products (such as ground slag and fly ash) in the cementitious material system, which helps to save resources and protect the environment.

Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:54 AM - Forum: General - No Replies


    Test kits are designed for use where a preliminary screening test result is required and are especially useful in resource-limited settings.Test kits are of high quality. They are quick (10 minutes to 2 hours) and easy to perform. Kits are based on agglutination, immuno-chromatographic, immuno-dot, and/or immuno-filtration techniques. They are suitable for individual or a limited number of samples, and require little or no additional equipment, which makes them more economical than ELISAs in fully equipped laboratories. It's possible to store at room temperature for an extended period of time.

    The COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibody rapid test kit is a lateral flow immunoassay intended for qualitative detection and differentiation of Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in human serum, acid citrate dextrose (ACD) plasma and fingerstick whole blood. The Rapid COVID-19 IgM/IgG Combo Test Kit is intended for use as an aid in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection. The Rapid COVID-19 IgM/IgG Combo Test Kit should not be used to diagnose or exclude acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. At this time, it is unknown for how long antibodies persist following infection and if the presence of antibodies confers protective immunity.

    SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test kit consists of a colloidal gold coupling pad and a membrane strip precoated with the test strain (T) specific antibody. If the SARS-COV-2 antigen is present in the specimen, a visible band (T) appears on the test card in the form of an antibody-antibody-antibody-gold-coupled complex. The control line © is used for program control and should always be present if the tests are executed correctly. The kit does not require expensive medical equipment or consumables. Just put the sample in the sample hole.

    Face masks can trap fluid droplets that exit the mouth while you’re speaking. If you have COVID-19, these droplets contain virus that can be inhaled by others. Masks can also help protect the people wearing them. Studies have found that face masks block aerosols from entering the airway very effectively. Even if a mask doesn’t block all of the aerosols, it may still protect the wearer against severe disease. Wearing a mask may help the body clear out the virus from the lower airway before it reaches the lungs. 

    CE FFP2 face masks conform to specified standards and is made from synthetic, non-woven materials. They filter more than 94-95% (depending on the type) of tiny particles and have a closer fit designed to protect the wearer.    FFPs are technically designated as single-use, or ‘non-reusable’ products (this is what the NR on the packet denotes). But evidence is mounting to support the view that FFP masks can be reworn, as they may remain effective for longer periods of time.

    FFP2 filter masks supposedly protect both the wearer and the people around them. The filtration systems of FFP2 are 94 percent effective. FFP2 masks are defined as being composed of three layers of synthetic non-woven materials, available in different thicknesses, with the inclusion of filtration layers between.

    This rapid test kit cassette is used for in vitro qualitative diagnostic of SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM in human serum, and plasma whole blood specimens. It is intended for use of a screening test and aid in the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2viral infections. More medical diagnostic solutions to discover with Ownhealthylife. This Rapid Test Cassette Kits applies the chromatographic immunoassay technology to capture the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies IgG/IgM in human serum, plasma or whole blood specimen. In the test when there is SARS-CoV-2antibodies IgG/IgM in the specimen and its concentrate exceeds the minimum detection limit, the antibodies will bind to the antigen marker and is captured by the second antibody (Anti-U chain antibody 1 anti IgG antibody) in the test area (T), forming a red reaction line. At this time, the result is positive; otherwise, the result without a color band is negative. Under normal detection, the quality control area © should be colored to indicate that the detection is effective.

Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:52 AM - Forum: General - No Replies


    The spiral duct forming machine is mainly used for making round spiral air duct. Adopting duct mold structure, this machine is faster with more coincident diameter than traditional steel strip type spiral duct making the machine. The length of duct cutting can be controlled according to your own requirement with perfect cutting effect. Cutting method is non-noise cold shearing. The shrimp elbow machine adopts vertical working table with the switch of single side and bilateral sides. Advantages of this machine are the easy operation and perfect effect. This machine can roll angle steel and flat steel according to the fixed size to meet the production of round duct flange sides.

    Round duct is manufactured with various seam types, the most common being spiral or snap lock. Round duct is used to connect between fittings, accessories and flex duct. Manufactures usually stock standard lengths, but if you have your own spiral machine you can fabricate any length.  Round duct making machine consists of four types, including electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct.

    Auto duct production line is a duct-making line with the highest automation and highest efficiency in rectangular air duct production line machines. The air duct production line machine can help customers to finish all needed processes from cutting sheet metal to forming the whole duct under the control of the auto system. An automatic control system greatly improves the precision and the beauty. Auto duct production line includes auto duct line 2, auto duct line 3, auto duct line 4, linear auto duct line 5, and U shape auto duct line 5.

    Rectangular duct making machines mainly includes CNC plasma cutting machine, angle steel flange cutting and punching production line, TDF flange forming machine, lock forming machine, folding machine, grooving/ beading machine, shearing machine, lock seam closing machine, etc. This series of machines is the product with the biggest demand for air ventilation duct processing. All of these machines can complete duct sheet metal feeding, forming and duct installation parts making. Before starting to open machines, the worker has to strictly check equipment performance and safety according to requirements. Besides, please pay attention to add lubricating oil to ensure the efficient operation of machines during the using of products.

    A round duct machine consists of four types, including an electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine, and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct. Round duct is manufactured with various seam types, the most common being spiral or snap-lock. A round duct is used to connect between fittings, accessories, and flex duct. Manufactures usually stock standard lengths, but if you have your own spiral machine you can fabricate any length.

    Gorelocker/Elbow making machine is specially designed for elbow tube forming in both elbow pittsburgh and seaming. The advanced gorelocker is 100% gear driven without belts at all that ensures good quality and much better durability.

    The welding machine is a new welder that make the welding work more easier. The basic structure of a welding machine has 7 aspects: hand-held welding gun, control platform, laser generator, water cooling machine, box, circuit board and wire-loading machine. As for the hand-held welding gun, single swing and double swing gun are the main choice for customers. The difference between the single swing and double swing is the number of galvo, which means that the single swing is driven by one motor, and the double swing rely on two motors. Welding machines generate heat that melts metal parts, so that these parts can be joined. 

    Cutting machine is a  machine used for cutting out parts of articles from layers of cloth card webs or knitted fabric. The technically possible depth of cutting of the layer depends on the design of the cutting machine and on the thickness and properties of the fabrics. Cutting machines may be movable or stationary.

    Round flange machine  is composed of coil strip uncoiler, right angle roll former, three vertical roller section bender, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic working station and electronic control system.

    Grooving machine is a V-type slotting equipment designed for steel plate. It often plays a role as a sheet metal bending machine and cutting auxiliary equipment. You can use CNC Grooving Machine to line and planer v-shaped groove on the position where the metal plate needs to be bent. Then, you will do the bending work more easily on the bending machine. The correct cooperation between CNC V-groove machine and plate bending machine will greatly improve the quality of work piece.

  Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:50 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

    Our cable tray ;roll forming machine ;is capable of making different sizes of cable trays through automatic adjustment and replacing punching mold. The cable trays produced by this roll forming production line are extensively used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, and telecommunications. The utility model has the advantages of a lightweight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, and convenient installation, and the utility model is suitable for the installation of the power cable and the laying of the control cable.

    With full and special experience, we can customize cable tray forming machines or cable roll forming production lines according to customers' profile drawings and specifications. Other high-quality equipment, including a metal roll forming machine, is also provided as you require.

    Working flow: Uncoiler—Leveling—Feeding—Punching&Cutting—Roll forming—Output table.

    Nandi 5 HP Automatic Roofing Sheet Making Machine, Job Thickness: 0.3 mm, Production Capacity: 18 Ton/day

    Product Description

    Our organization is occupied with rendering a broad series of Automatic Roofing Sheet Making Machine. It is commonly used for manufacturing roof sheets. This machine is able to produce a leakage-proof and hard material of roofing sheets to protect against the harsh environment.

    PLC Automatic Sizes Adjustment CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 1.5-3mm

    The purlins are now commonly used in the construction industry, with different shapes and sizes, the most commonly used are C purlin.

    C purlin is usually used for roofs and walls. It is best to use a continuous beam structure because the roof needs to withstand the weight of snow and wind.

    The operation is simple, the PLC control works automatically, and the machine ensures high-precision operation with a tolerance of ±1mm.


    c purlin or z purlin is a horizontal beam or bar to provide structural support in buildings. Our purlin roll former can produce purlins of different sizes. CZ purlin Roll Forming Machine is also called an Interchangeable purlin roll forming machine or z purlin making machine. In steel construction, the term purlin typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave and support the roof decking or sheeting. The steel of c purlins is in turn supported by rafters or walls. So pre-punched purlins are quick to install and suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls. The thickness and height of the purlin selected depend on span length and loads.

    YX65-300-400 Standing Seam Roofing Machine for One Time Tapered Forming

    (This is a specially designed roofing machine for one-time tapered forming. Ordinary roofing machines feature two times tapered forming.)

    YX65-300-400 standing seam roofing machine is used for profiling tapered profile one times forming together slitting. Both straight and tapered profiles are available with this forming machine. The compact structure enables this machine to be loaded in a 40GP container for easy transport. The ;standing seam machine could be customized depending on the customer's needs.

    Downspout Machine

    Frame Construction: Frame construction is a weldment of structural steel welded into a rigid frame. The frame is machined to provide a true plane for the assembly of the forming stations. Adjustable feet are provided enabling the downspout machine to be set perfectly level.

    Forming Stations: All the forming rolls coming into contact with the painted surface of the conductor pipe are hard chrome plated to ensure long roller life and protect the finish on the pipe.

    Best Drive in the Industry: All the stations of the machines are driving stations, top, and bottom. They are all spring-loaded which creates a constant load on the material. The springs make our gutter machines the most versatile on the market allowing you to run different materials with virtually no adjustments.

    C Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

    C Channel light steel keel roll forming machine greatly simplifies the production process, thus improving production efficiency. It can produce all kinds of profiles with different wall thicknesses and complex cross-section shapes and cold-formed steel with different materials that are difficult to produce by the general hot-rolling method.

    This portable roll forming machine is the most popular one among the customers in the metal industry construction for metal or steel section materials. Industrial building and construction projects rely on drywall steel stud systems. The quick installation and lightweight characteristics of steel framing make this an ideal product. These tools are engineered to match standard stud sizes used in commercial buildings.

    CNC Cut To Length Line For Sheet Steel Coil

    1. Our cut to length line uses a roll feeding, AC servo drive.

    2. Coil cut to length line has a fully digital length control system that ensures fast positioning with little error.

    3. Sheet Coil cut to length line has a hard chrome plated surface and is durable and abrasion-resistant.

    4. CNC cut to length line used together with a hydraulic shear or an air-clutch shear to carry out fast shearing and convenient clearance adjustment.

    Cut to length line ECL series

    A cut to length line is generally used for jobs like uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting to length, and stacking various materials such as cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metal with coated surfaces.

    Features of Cut to Length Line:

    1. Our cut to length line uses a roll feeding, AC servo drive.

    2. It has a fully digital length control system that ensures fast positioning with little error.

    3. It has a hard chrome plated surface and is durable and abrasion-resistant.

    4. It is used together with a hydraulic shear or an air-clutch shear to carry out fast shearing and convenient clearance adjustment.

    5. Our cut to length line is suitable for hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metals with coated surfaces.

    KJS120 Slitting Line Machine

    KJS120 coil slitter is a Coil Slitting Line Machine for material 6mm thick, 2000mm width of coils, with speed 120m/min, cutting strips 30 pieces. ; This Steel Coil Slitting Machine Price is reasonable for beginners.

    This Coil Slitting Line Machine consists of a coil car, uncoiler, straightener, loop I, slitting machine, scrap winder, loop II, tension unit (pad tension/belt bridle tension), a belt brille, recoiler, assisting support, exit coil car, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

    With computer display, the whole line is controlled by the PLC which is either Mitsubishi or Siemens; And the servo motor/inverter/electronic brand is one of the following: Yaskawa, Delta, or Schneider.

    Belt briddle tension the precision surface requirements with a big cost saving.

    For Metals: ; carbon steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, aluminum, etc.

    What Is Cold Roll Forming Machine

    Hole pattern is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. The cold-forming roller is installed on the frame. The forming roller responsible for driving the strip forward is driven by the motor through the transmission system. Generally, only the horizontal roller is the active roller, and the vertical roller is often the passive roller. Each machine base is called a cold roll forming machine, each roll forming machine is equipped with two or more forming rollers, and each row of forming unit is composed of more than two forming machines.

    LNCF4 3 in 1 Compact Coil Decoiler, Straightener Feeder for Press Coil Feed

    LNCF4 3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder is for material 0.5-4.5MM thickness, 75-1600MM width of coils, with speed 16M/Min.

    Decolier opens various sizes of coils according to your needs of coil cutting

    Upper roller adjustment by the digital watch.

    Coil width adjusted by double handle wheel with precise screw

    Pass line can be adjusted by the lifter driven by a motor.

    Coil side guide use one set hollow rolls mechanical back gauge device.

    Pinch roll and straightener roll material:high-strength alloy bearing steel with hard chrome plating.

  Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:48 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

        Borregaard has manufactured fine chemicals for pharmaceutical companies worldwide for more than fifty years. Our production capacity and strong market position are continuously improving, allowing us to keep up with market demands.

        Our core expertise is in contrast media and advanced pharmaceutical intermediates. The opportunities our products bring to the market are endless.

        Borregaard focuses on core capabilities. This allows us to be highly competitive while meeting the demands of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

        We pride ourselves on our transparency and commitments to our customers, many of whom have been with us since we started. We believe this is proof of our excellent customer service and high, and consistent quality products. It inspires us to continue to strive for improvement.

        Our core products

        Borregaard ensures customer loyalty with a tightly controlled manufacturing process that yields stable, high-quality products.

        Our pharmaceutical intermediates mainly serve the contrast media market though we hold supply positions to other demanding areas.

        Our products can be delivered in volumes and packaging tailored to your needs. However, you may prefer delivery in ISO containers as these can be heat regulated and ensure the stability of our products.

        Polyimide Monomers

        As an attractive dielectric material, Polyimide Monomers have been widely used in the field of electronics, aerospace, and automobiles fulfilling the increasing need for materials that can perform well under harsh conditions, such as elevated temperatures. Polyimides are an important class of step-growth polymers due to their high-temperature stability, mechanical properties, and superior chemical resistance.

        Explore Polyimides (PI) in detail along with their key properties like mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc., and understand what makes them an ideal choice in high-end engineering applications.

        Polyimides (PI) are high-performance polymers of imide monomers that contain two acyl groups (C=O) bonded to nitrogen (N). These polymers are known for their high-temperature performance in the 400-500°C range as well as chemical resistance.

        They are used to replace the conventional use of glass, metals, and even steel in many industrial applications.

        Polyimides offer excellent mechanical properties and thus find use in applications that demand rugged organic materials, e.g.
        High-temperature fuel cells

        Flat-panel display

        Aerospace applications

        Chemical and environmental industries

        As well as various military applications

        Key Facts about Acrylate Monomers

        butyl-methacrylate-303957-elite acrylic ester copolymerization is an important technique to achieve systematic tailoring of properties required in a broad range of end-use applications. ; Glacial acrylic acid (GAA) and glacial methacrylic acid (GMMA) are acrylate monomers ;used to functionalize acrylic copolymers.

        The short-chain acrylic monomers like methyl methacrylate and other monomers like styrene produce harder, more brittle polymers, with high cohesion and strength characteristics. ; The long-chain monomers like butyl acrylate and 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate enable soft, flexible, tacky polymers with lower strength characteristics. Monomers like ethyl acrylate, butyl methacrylate, and vinyl acetate contribute more intermediate glass transition and hardness values. ; Co-monomers such as acrylonitrile and (meth)acrylamide, can improve solvent and oil resistance.

        By managing the comonomer ratios and the glass transition temperatures, chemists can balance hardness and softness, tackiness and block resistance, adhesive and cohesive properties, low-temperature flexibility, strength and durability, and other key properties to facilitate end-user goals.

        Advancements in film mechanical properties; chemical, water, and abrasion resistance; durability; adhesive properties; and solvent resistance have driven the growth of acrylic copolymers, especially in water-borne technologies. ; A major contributor to these performance enhancements has been new polymer crosslinking chemistries. Exemplary of this trend is the use of diacetone acrylamide functional monomer, which can be incorporated into acrylic systems to afford controlled crosslinkability.

        Deuterated Compounds: Optimizing Drug Stability

        A deuterated drug is a small molecule in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by deuterium. As deuterium and hydrogen have nearly the same physical properties, deuterium substitution is the smallest structural change that can be made to a molecule.


        As a deuterated drug is broken down slower, it stays longer in the body and hence requires less frequent dosing (in terms of strength & regimen)

        Because of the kinetic isotope effect, deuterated drugs have significantly lower rates of metabolism, and hence a longer half-life

        Deuterium replacement may also lower toxicity by reducing toxic metabolite formation

        In addition, the deuterated drug is more stable in the presence of other drugs, resulting in reduced drug-drug interactions

        A major potential advantage of deuterated compounds ;is the possibility of faster, more efficient, and less costly clinical trials, because of the extensive testing the non-deuterated versions have previously undergone. ;


        Carbazole is an aromatic heterocyclic organic compound. It has a tricyclic structure, consisting of two six-membered benzene rings fused on either side of a five-membered nitrogen-containing ring. The compound's structure is based on the indole structure, but in which a second benzene ring is fused onto the five-membered ring at the 2–3 position of indole (equivalent to the 9a–4a double bond in carbazole, respectively).

        Carbazole is a constituent of tobacco smoke.


        Fluorene ;or 9H-fluorene is an organic compound with the formula (C6H4)2CH2. It forms white crystals that exhibit a characteristic, aromatic odor similar to that of naphthalene. It has a violet fluorescence, hence its name. For commercial purposes, it is obtained from coal tar. It is insoluble in water and soluble in many organic solvents. Although sometimes classified as a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, the five-membered ring has no aromatic properties. Fluorene is mildly acidic.


        Anthracene ;is a solid polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) of formula C14H10, consisting of three fused benzene rings. It is a component of coal tar. Anthracene is used in the production of the red dye alizarin and other dyes. Anthracene is colorless but exhibits a blue (400–500 nm peak) fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation.

        Anthracene is anthracene, also called paranaphthalene or green oil, a solid polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consisting of three benzene rings derived from coal-tar, is the simplest tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. It is on the EPA's priority pollutant list. It is ubiquitous in the environment as a product of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. It has been identified in surface and drinking water, ambient air, exhaust emissions, the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, and in smoked foods and edible aquatic organisms. It is primarily used as an intermediate in the production of dyes, smoke screens, scintillation counter crystals, and inorganic semiconductor research. Although a large body of literature exists on the toxicity of PAHs, data for anthracene are limited. Prolonged exposure causes a variety of topical and systemic adverse reactions. Carcinogenicity bioassays with anthracene generally gave negative results.


        Triazines ;are a class of nitrogen-containing heterocycles. The parent molecules' molecular formula is C3H3N3. They exist in three isomeric forms, 1,3,5-triazines being common.



        A well known triazine is melamine (2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazine). With three amino substituents, melamine is a precursor to commercial resins. Guanamines are closely related to melamine, except with one amino substituent replaced by an organic group. This difference is exploited in the use of guanamines to modify the crosslinking density in melamine resins. Some commercially important guanamines are benzoguanamine and acetoguanamine.[1]

        Structure of a guanamine, R = alkyl, aryl, etc.

        Cyanuric chloride

        Another important triazine is cyanuric chloride (2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine). Chlorine-substituted triazines are components of reactive dyes.[2] These compounds react through a chlorine group with hydroxyl groups present in cellulose fibres in nucleophilic substitution, the other triazine positions contain chromophores. Triazine compounds are often used as the basis for various herbicides.


        Triazines also have wide use in the oil and gas and petroleum processing industries as a non-regenerating sulfide removal agent; they are applied to fluid streams to remove hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptan species, which can decrease the quality of the processed hydrocarbon and be harmful to pipeline and facility infrastructure if not removed

  Fire-Rated Metal Door
Posted by: psnsoard - 04-15-2022, 12:46 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Fire-Rated Metal Door

    Fire rated steel doors ;play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. Labeled fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 3 hours. Metal fire doors are an economical alternative to wood fire doors when more than a 20-minute rating is required. Steel is the sole door material to deliver a 3-hour fire rating.

    Fire-Rated Steel Doors for Commercial & Industrial Applications

    Tudor is an authorized WHI fire-labeled shop (Warnock Hersey / Intertek), enabling us to modify, re-certify and label fire-rated doors and frames. And we are certified by UL to cut, re-certify and label fire-rated glazing materials. Our facility undergoes routine inspections to verify that modifications are done in compliance with the requirements of the Intertek and UL specification listings. All material is tested in accordance with NFPA codes and standards.

    Steel Fire Proof Door

    Steel Fire Proof Doors ;and frames play a critical role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage. Doors play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building; they allow people to evacuate safely from a building along with limiting the spread of fire and smoke to other areas. Fire doors must meet the requirements of the International Building Code and International Fire Code, as well as the NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Fire ratings range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Hollow metal is the only door material widely available with a 3-hour label.

    Steelcraft’s fire rating capabilities include the use of ceramic glass and special glazing compounds. The following link will take you to Technical Glass Product's FireLite? fire-rated glass technical data specifications, which list all of the maximum size limitations along with fire ratings.

    The Essential Information About Emergency Exit Doors

    In an emergency, it's critical that people can evacuate the building quickly and safely.

    Normal entry (and exit) doors are not usually designed for a large number of people to try and exit all at once, which could spell disaster in an emergency situation.

    A large number of people trying to escape out of one small exit point at the same time is dangerous; people risk being trampled or otherwise injured, by not being able to evacuate the building in time.

    There are three primary types of emergency exit doors

    Fire doors

    These doors are made of material that is fire resistant and enters into fireproof tunnels or stairways.

    The frame is also made from fire-resistant steel, affording a safe escape route when faced with fire.

    Exit doors

    You’ve no doubt seen these doors when you visit a Shopping Centre or other public place.

    They’re clearly marked with those instantly recognizable green and white ‘EXIT’ signs and are in easily accessible places for a quick exit when needed.

    If an exit door doesn’t lead to a fireproof stairwell or tunnel, it does not need to have a steel frame or be made of fire-resistant material.

    Path of travel doors

    These are the doors in escape walkways that lead to (or are between) an exit or fire doors.

    3 Benefits of Steel Doors in Industrial & Commercial Use

    1. Many qualities of steel doors make them appealing to industrial engineers and commercial architects.

    Steel Doors Provide Long-Term Value

    Steel provides the best long-term value for doors, whether you’re looking for the entire door or just the frame.


    The initial cost of a steel door is often less than the cost of a fiberglass one, however, steel doors can sometimes cost more than similar wooden doors.

    Wooden doors may offer opportunities for a handsome, customized, natural look, but ones featuring intricate design or high-quality wood quickly become expensive, often becoming more expensive than an equivalent steel door.


    Many engineers and architects feel that they can save money by purchasing wooden doors when in reality they’re sacrificing cost-effectiveness. Since wood absorbs moisture easily, it can peel, bubble, warp, twist, & bow. Replacing or repairing these damaged doors can be extremely expensive.

    If you’re looking for long-term value, metal doors are key, routinely lasting 30 years (or more) with proper care. If they do happen to need maintenance or repairs, costs are often much lower than repair costs for similar wooden doors.

    2. They Provide Both Increased Safety & Security


    In most cases, steel doors are designed with fire resistance (and other safety measures) in mind, though it should be noted that not all steel doors with frames are fire-resistant. The same can be said for certain wooden doors; some wooden doors can be fire-rated. ;

    In general, fire-resistant steel doors offer a 20-minute fire rating. In case of a fire, they can handle dangerous heat levels for up to 20 minutes, allowing the building's occupants ample time to reach safety.

    Each steel door is adorned with a fire-rating sticker that indicates just how long it will hold up in the event of a fire.


    Security is essential for commercial buildings that deal with large quantities of inventory or cash.

    Steel doors are much harder to manipulate or break down than wooden doors, preventing unauthorized and uninvited access to the building's interior. ;

    Steel doors are also often chemical resistant and bulletproof, whereas wooden and fiberglass doors are not.

    3. They're Designed To Outlast Their Wooden Counterparts

    Wooden doors require routine maintenance when in contrast, steel doors require little to no maintenance

    Steelworks is best in exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and brave the elements.

    Since steel doors offer insulating properties, they can even lower your building’s temperature-control costs. Wooden doors, however, are not nearly as energy-efficient.

    Even though steel doors can become scratched or dented somewhat easily, they're simple to repair and rarely require a time-consuming replacement as often as fiberglass or wood options.

    Metal Frames, Fire Doors & Nosings

    Fire/ Non-fire rated EG primer coated frames.

    Our mild steel frame for entrance doors and metal gates comes with CED coated.

    Our mild steel frame can be used for Timber/PVC doors in Bedrooms & Toilets.

    Frames can be in single or double rebates.

    Fire Rated Metal Door

    Our standard range of EG steel door frames is 1.5mm thick and doors in 1.2mm thick electro-galvanized steel sheet.

    Our steel doors are fire-rated and tested up to 4-hours complying with Singapore standard SS 332:2007 CI 4 suitable for use in commercial & industrial buildings.

    Customized profiles and sizes are available.

    Stainless steel nosings are available in SUS Grade 304 & Grade 316.

    Come with galvanized fishtail holdfast that is fixed to stainless steel nosing.

    What Are the Advantages of Exterior Steel Doors?

    Exterior Steel Doors ;offer the most strength and durability out of all the materials. Certainly, one of the most premium selections when it comes to entry doors – we’ll take a more extensive look at what makes this the case in the following.

    Steel Door Durability

    Along with being highly secure, steel entry doors prove to be some of the most durable and long-lasting on the market. ; These stout doors are built to withstand the elements and provide you with years and years of steady service.

    Most steel doors are manufactured using 20-26 gauge steel which is quite sturdy and reliable. One thing that has to be considered with wooden doors is their propensity to warp and distort – steel will never have these issues no matter what the moisture content of the air.

    Steel also has the highest tolerance to overall weather conditions out of all the entry door options – it can stand up to the fiercest rainstorms and gusting wind without issue.

    Low Maintenance with Steel Doors

    Really the only maintenance that needs to be enacted on steel doors is touch-up painting whenever there is active damage done to the door. ; This sets it as being one of the lowest maintenance options when it comes to entry doors.

    Hospital Door

    Hospital doors ;include lead doors for X-ray rooms, hospital patient room doors, ICU doors, etc. Good hospital door design plays an important role in preventing cross-contamination as well as providing fire and x-ray protection, maintaining correct room pressures, and ensuring optimum operating efficiency. Doors for hospitals are also being widely used in other places such as medical centers, healthcare centers, or electronic factories.

    There are some advantages of the Xinyi hospital door design: hermetic seals, eco-friendly, easy to clean, anti-bacteria. As a professional hospital door manufacturer, Xinyi can provide you with different types of hospital doors with different dimensions and parameters at a consistent quality.

  Aluminum Alloy 8011 Foil Description
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Aluminum Alloy 8011 Foil Description

    Aluminum Alloy 8011 foil is a typical alloy for aluminum foil and is currently the most widely used metal in our daily life. Properties such as its low weight, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance of the final product, have ensured that 8011 aluminum foil ;is widely applied in various fields. For example, aluminum foil containers are the best packaging solutions available in today's market.

    Not only does the aluminum foil container keep the food fresh, but it also helps protect the food from bacteria. Aluminum’s total barrier to light, gases, and moisture is the principal reason for its use in packaging solutions for food, drink, medicines, and technical applications.

    1235 Aluminum Foil

    1235 aluminum foil ;is the aluminum foil of aluminum content not less than 99.35%, Haomei Aluminium can process 0.018-0.5mm thickness of 1235 aluminum foil, because this product has excellent rust resistance, formability, dissolving ability, then it is widely used in cigarette packaging, cable, capacitor, tape, battery foil, flexible packaging, etc.

    Rolled in Alloy 1235 with 99.35% minimum aluminum content, our foil slit edges are very clean, resulting in a consistent unwind with minimal breaks.

    Properties of 8079 Aluminum Foil

    Alloy 8079 is usually used to produce kinds of aluminum alloy foil, which offers the best properties for many applications with H14, H18, and other tempers and thicknesses between 10 and 200 microns. 8079 aluminum foil is mainly designed for the general packaging of both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and it has better properties than pure aluminum foil. Most importantly, we manufacture products according to the requirements of customers. The high quality of the 8079 aluminum foil supplied by HAOMEI Al. fulfills a diversity of markets like household foil, packaging foil as well as pharmaceutical foil

    Introduction to 3003 Aluminium Foil

    3003 aluminum foil ;is a common product of Al-Mn series alloys. Because of the addition of alloy Mn element, it has excellent rust resistance, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Similarly, 3003 aluminum foil is also a non-heat treated alloy, so the cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties, but 3003 aluminum foil with medium strength is 10% stronger than 1 series alloy aluminum foil. In addition, the plasticity and welding performance of 3003 aluminum foil is also very good. So, It is a good choice for aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors, lunch box containers, and aluminum honeycomb core material. Here, Mingtai as a large-scale 3003 aluminum foil manufacturer, has introduced the world-class Zhuoshen foil rolling mill and adopted ANDRITZ plate rolls to make the produced 3003-H18 aluminum foil, 3003-O aluminum foil, 3003 -H24 aluminum foil, and other 3003 aluminum foil products have multiple advantages such as food grade, clean degreasing, fewer pinholes, good plate shape, non-deformation in cutting, and easy to peel off, etc., and they are exported globally at an affordable price. So, You can rest assured of purchase!!

    Household Aluminum Foil

    Household aluminum foil has a clean, sanitary, and shiny appearance, it can be integrated with many other packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials, in addition, aluminum foil has the following characteristics:

    (1) Aluminum foil surface is clean, and sanitary, no bacteria or micro-organisms can not grow on its surface.

    (2) Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can directly contact food without any harm to human health.

    (3) Aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless odorless packaging material, that will not make the packaging of food have any peculiar smell.

    (4) Aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and packaged food will never dry or shrink.

    (5) At high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of oil permeability.

    (6) Aluminum foil is a kind of opaque packaging material, so it is a kind of good packing material for the products of sunlight irradiation.

    (7) Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used to pack all kinds of products. Can also cause any shape container.

    Aluminum Foil Food Containers

    Aluminum foil food containers, also called container aluminum foil, began to replace plastic packaging boxes and are frequently used in our daily food packaging.

    The thickness of aluminum foil containers is generally between 0.03 mm and 0.20 mm, which can be divided into two types: wrinkle-free and wrinkled. It can also be categorized into one-off use and repeated use. It is cold-rolled or hot-rolled into an aluminum foil roll with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, and no peculiar smell. The production process of one-time automatic cold stamping forming with special equipment and molds.

    Product Features

    Insulating heat & keeping the flavor

    Functionality is the primary mission of packaging, and maintaining the taste of food is the core.

    The aluminum foil food container has high-temperature resistance (up to 121 degrees), good oil resistance, and outstanding fragrance retention performance.

    Harmless to the human body

    The popular plastic lunch boxes on the market are extremely harmful to human health. When disposable foamed plastic tableware is filled with hot food or boiled water above 65 degrees, the toxic substances contained in the tableware will easily penetrate into the food. If the concentration of this harmful substance exceeds the standard, the poisoning will be even greater.

    There is a dense oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum foil. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively very stable. As long as it is not in a strong acid environment, aluminum ions will not be precipitated.


    The composition of the aluminum foil food container is aluminum. The recycling rate of aluminum is high. aluminum can be recycled up to 25 times. It meets the national food hygiene standards, is easy to recycle, and does not produce harmful substances during processing.

    Compared with the geological pollution caused by plastic products, aluminum foil containers can be weathered after being placed in the soil for two to three years, and will not cause continuous damage to the land and implanted nature changes.

    Strong malleability

    Aluminum has a physical property, that is, ductility. Compared with other metals, aluminum of the same quality can be used to process a larger surface area and pack more things.

    Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct

    Dundas Jafine's Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct is ideal for bathroom fan venting and other general-purpose exhaust applications. ; This duct is made from 3 ply aluminum foil laminate with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F.

    UL versions of this item are available if required by code. The UL ducts are UL181 listed and marked.

    Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical aluminum foil ;is mainly used for the packaging of medicines, which can protect the quality of the medicine, make the medicine difficult to be oxidized and deteriorate, and improve its stability of the medicine. Pharma Aluminium foil

    The quality requirements of the Pharmaceutical aluminum foil are very strict, and the surface appearance must be kept clean and the coating uniform. In the above text, the pattern must be printed correctly, clearly, and firmly, and there must be no dense, continuous pinholes. In different batches of medical aluminum foil, the color difference can not be too obvious, otherwise, it will be considered an inappropriate product.

    The status quo of Pharmaceutical aluminum foil printing ink materials At present, there are many kinds of printing inks on the market, and the brands are different. However, considering the printing process of medicinal aluminum foil and the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, the printing ink must have good adhesion to aluminum foil. The printed text pattern is firm and clear, the solvent release is fast, the heat resistance is good, the friction resistance is excellent, the gloss is good, the pigment is non-toxic, the medicine is not contaminated due to the migration of chemical components in the ink, and the practical viscosity should conform to the aluminum foil printing. Process requirements and other characteristics.

    The Premier Rolled Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

    Industrial aluminum foil ;for your large-quantity foil needs When you think of aluminum foil, chances are the first thing that comes to mind are the small rolls you can purchase at a grocery store for cooking and baking. But what if you’re a national food company that wraps your product in foil, or a laboratory that uses foil for protecting scientific instruments? Those are the applications where an industrial aluminum foil manufacturer is what you need, and why All-Foils exists.

  Fiberglass Tissue
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Fiberglass Tissue

    Fiberglass tissue ;is a non-woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fibers distributed in a special binder by a wet-lay process. This material is used in composite surface applications. It adds smoothness, luster, and cleanliness of color to the surface - and it improves water resistance and durability of the product. Ideal for reinforcement of flooring and roof materials.


    FGT Series fiberglass tissue is available in a variety of densities and reinforcement spacing options.

    Serves as a wrap for both underground and overground pipeline systems to counter natural and artificial corrosion. Good for waterproofing applications and waterproofing in the form of roofing felt.


    Serves as both a reinforcement and protection system.

    Compatible with bitumen and coal tar enamels.

    Superior strength characteristics due to longitudinal reinforcement with glass yarn.

    Fiberglass Mat

    Fiberglass Mat ;is one of the most popular forms of reinforcement for non-structural applications. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and can quickly build thickness into parts, molds, or even a repair. It features randomly oriented strands throughout that effectively hide print-through of heavier fabrics and create an equal stiffness in all directions for molds and parts.

    Note: All Fiberglass Mat is made to be used with resin to create hard, composite parts. However, it is NOT compatible with epoxy resin. Mat has a light binder that holds it together. During lay-up, it requires styrene to break down that binder and allow for complete resin saturation. Epoxy does not contain styrene and therefore cannot be effectively used with the mat. Use polyester or vinyl ester resin for these applications.

    Ceramic granule for molding ceramic product, the process for producing or treating the same, ceramic molded product and process for producing the same

    A ceramic granule ;is obtained by granulating at least one ceramic particle into a granule together with a binder, optionally classifying the ceramic granule to remove fine particles having a particle size of not more than 10 μm, moistening the granulated ceramic granule in an agitation fluidized-bed under the conditions of not aggregating said ceramic granule and regulating the water content of the moistened ceramic granule by fluidizing and drying the moistened ceramic granule in the agitation fluidized bed in such a manner that the resultant granule has a water content within the range which maintains a flowability sufficient for packing the ceramic granule in a mold in which the ceramic granule exhibits well-balanced properties of a crushing property at low pressure and an anti-collapse property, excels in flowability, packing property into a mold, and anti-sticking property, and has well-balanced properties of a crushing property at low pressure and an anti-collapse property. This ceramic granule can be continuously molded into a ceramic product having high dimensional accuracy.

    2 oz Fiberglass Fabric

    Among reinforcements, Fiberglass Fabrics ;continue to be the most commonly used reinforcement in the composites industry today. Generally, they are the least expensive among reinforcements and offer ease in handling. And when combined with resin, deliver composite parts with excellent strength, low weight, and great cosmetics.

    All Fiberglass Fabrics are woven for fiber orientation, and each fabric features its own unique weight, strength, and fabric characteristics, which should be considered before starting any project.

    Cures as Transparent, Protective Surface Layer

    Particularly lightweight and thin, our #241 2-ounce Plain Weave Fiberglass is ideally suited as a surface layer for aerospace and marine applications. Use it to minimize print-through of heavier fabrics within a lamination, or as a sanding veil over other fabrics—it will cure as a transparent, protective barrier.

    Like other plain weaves, it delivers uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions, with warp and fills yarns at 0 and 90 degrees, respectively. ;


    Lightweight and bends around tight corners

    This fabric features high conformability and excellent finish

    Uniform horizontal and vertical strength

    Minimize print of laminate fabrics

    Cures transparent

    If requested, this fabric can be certified to meet the requirements of AMS-3824 Style 1610 and ASTM D 4029-09 Style 1610.

    Render Fiberglass Mesh

    Render fiberglass mesh ;for plaster and cement interior and exterior wall as a base coat and finish coat, which can reinforce the wall strength and avoid the deformation of insulation construction caused by outside momentum of collision or squeeze.

    Fiberglass grid cloth can be used for facade thermal insulation works for walls to reinforce the complete wall resistance and tension and strength. Fiberglass netting mesh 140g(145g) and 160g(165g)

    The completed warp and weft thickness depend on fiberglass mesh roll density or grammage. The latex-coated fiberglass netting density is larger, the thickness of latitude and longitude is more, while the stucco fiberglass mesh quality and performance are up to the density and production process. Glass fiber mesh is necessary to evaluate its value. ;

    EIFS mesh is made of C/E-class impregnated with alkali-resistance solution, also it has a stable fiber structure, therefore fiberglass grid netting is against alkali existing in the chemical composition of plaster and coating.

    Polyester Nonwoven: the High STrength, High-density Nonwoven

    When it comes to demanding applications that require strong and durable fabrics, polyester nonwovens ;offer a great option. Nonwoven polyester fabric can be created from 100% polyester filament or polyester blend. Nonwoven polyester is an excellent choice for a wide range of application needs including industrial filter materials, medical and hygiene products, construction materials, telecom products, agricultural fabric, and more.

    A variety of fabric treatment options are available to endue polyester nonwoven materials with specific beneficial characteristics. These attributes may include:




    Dry Cleaning Resistance

    Flame Retardant

    Heat Sealability


    Depending on the manufacturer, polyester nonwovens can be fabricated in custom colors and printing.

    Most Popular Fiberglass Yarn Used for Weaving All Kinds of Fabrics

    Fiberglass yarn ;is electrical insulation materials, electronic industrial fabrics, tubes, and other industrial fabric raw materials. It is widely used for circuit boards, weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and so on.


    1. Woven Fiberglass mesh (general yarn for warp, roving for weft)

    2. Weaving various electronic cloth

    3. Braided cable wire Cladding

    4. Braided casing

    5. Braided fuse

    6. Insulation materials for making electrical windings, etc.

    Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Ceramic fiber ;rope has excellent heat resistance, continuous use temperature up to l260℃, excellent resistance to acid, oil, and water vapor, corrosion resistance to non-ferrous molten metals such as aluminum and zinc, excellent high-temperature strength, and excellent tensile strength The strength and low thermal conductivity make the products have excellent heat insulation performance, excellent electrical insulation, non-toxic and harmless, and have no adverse effects on the environment.


    1. Low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and low heat capacity.

    2. High-temperature insulation performance.

    3. It has good low temperature and high-temperature strength.


    Ceramic fiber rope can replace asbestos textiles and is widely used in fire resistance, heat insulation, fire protection, and sealing in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, glass, refractory materials, ships, aviation, automobiles, machinery, electronics, building materials, light industry, etc.; friction system Motion, noise reduction, high-temperature filtration, and other fields.

    PIR Thermal Insulation Boards

    Heat insulation material is based on the rigid closed-cell (no less than 95%) polyisocyanurate foam (PIR). The boards are laminated with kraft paper, cardboard, glass fiber, aluminum foil or multilayer laminate (incl. water-resistant foil with paper foundation), and paper laminated with polyethylene. Due to their structure and production features PIR heat insulation boards ;have low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, high strength, and high fire resistance. PIR thermal insulation boards are a thermal insulation material.

  Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Review
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Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Review

    The best electric trike we tried was easily the Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle. This is one of the best electric tricycles for sale, thanks to rear caster wheels that allow for the performing of tricks, including spins, slides, and drifting. The electric motor can easily reach speeds up to 9 MPH and the high-impact pneumatic front wheel makes for a smooth and stable ride. ;

    The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike is absolutely perfect for kids above the age of eight, as the rear caster wheels allow for easy stunt tricks, such as spins, drifts, and even slides. The hand-operated braking system is of high quality, adding to this trike’s safety rating, and the push-button throttle allows for a near-instantaneous speed boost. We also loved the high-impact pneumatic front wheel, which offers a good amount of stability for smooth and even rides.

    Being how this electric-assist trike is primarily intended to be used by kids, the maximum speed here is around nine miles per hour and the load capacity is just 120 pounds. Additionally, the battery is slightly lacking, taking nearly 12 hours to achieve a full charge and allowing for only 40 minutes of continuous use. For better battery life options, take a look at the best electric bikes. A good example of a guide to reading about an e-bike with good battery life is the best electric road bikes guide.

    Why We Like It – Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

    Durability & Build Quality

    The high-impact pneumatic front wheel offers a good amount of stability for a smooth and even ride. With the bike being able to run purely off the electric-powered motor. The Tricycle is capable of 360-degree spins, slide, and even drift on its duel inclined rear caster high-performance wheels. With one reviewer an error occurred with the manufacturing that resulted in the chain coming off whenever the bike was used.

    Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

    Being how this electric-assist trike is primarily intended to be used by kids, the maximum speed here is around nine miles per hour and the load capacity is just 120 pounds. Additionally, the battery is slightly lacking, taking nearly 12 hours to achieve a full charge and allowing for only 40 minutes of continuous use.

    Range & Battery

    The new electric Razor Powerrider is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery system, it’s a rather poor show to be honest with the battery lasting for about 40 min yet by Razor’s own statement it takes 12 hours to charge, this makes the Addmotor Motan better choice despite the higher cost.

    Safety features

    With a single front hand brake to stop the front-wheel drive of the trike, it might not look safe at first glance but it actually stops the trike rather quickly.


    By far the cheapest electric trike among the top ten but it shows with its low speed and seemingly cheap battery, no doubt the trike is super fun for the forty minutes but the short lifespan leaves something to be desired compared to the Fat Tire Recumbent Trike.

    KK6010 Classic Electric Cargo Tricycle (250W, 454Wh, 7 Speed)

    Whether you're picking up supplies or furnishing a room from Ikea, there's a cargo tricycle ;to help you portage past the vehicular masses.

    Frame: Steel frame design, wooden loader box size is 94.5*62*59cm.

    Motor: 36V/250W Bafang motor provides more than enough power, max speed can be reached at 25km/h.

    Battery: 36V/12.6Ah Samsung battery, charging time: 4~6 hours, battery life: 800~1000 cycles.

    Brake: Front/rear mechanical disc brakes.

    Shifters: Shimano 7-Speed transmission system ensures the different speed experience which you need to ride.

    Shock Absorption Design: The spring shock absorption front fork can effectively transition from the bumps on the ground, making it easy to ride.

    Carbon Steel Frame: Reinforced carbon steel, low-span frame, strong material anti-deformation, good load-bearing capacity, stability, and driving.

    Wear-resistant Tires: The tricycle uses thick anti-skid tires, which are non-slip and wear-resistant. A reinforced alloy ring is used, which is safer.

    Double-chain Design: Driven by bearing guide wheels, a double-chain design is adopted, which makes it easier for the elderly to ride and enjoy riding time.

    Great Gift: Riding this small wheels tricycle promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun experience. this trike is an easy tool to ride for leg rehabilitation, ride around and even carry cargo when shopping. If you have any questions, please contact us. Usually, we will reply to you within 138 hours. We look forward to solving the problem for you.

    Passenger Basic E-Rickshaw, Model Name/Number: Sn Electrico Lc

    We are the manufacturer of Passenger E Rickshaw. Our automobiles are made with the best quality materials keeping in mind the heavy use they are subjected to. With Exceptional capacity, our carriers are made to withstand tough weather conditions with anti-corrosion qualities.

    To meet the varying needs of customers, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide array of E-Rickshaw Loader, Electric Garbage Tricycle, Electric E-Rickshaw, etc. These automobiles are used for public and private transportation. The products we offer are extensively admired amongst the customers owing to their qualitative features which include high strength, flawless finish, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. With continuous work on the design and development of the vehicle, we are making the vehicles driver-friendly and passenger-friendly. ;

    TopMate ES31 Foldable Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle, Electric Mobility Scooter with Reverse Function and Screen Display, Key Switch and 3 speeds Folding Electric Trike, Lightweight Scooter for Travel

    【More Stable & Easy to Carry】The latest version of the electric tricycle scooter has a longer rear axle which is 15.7in. A longer rear axle makes riding more stable. The electric tricycle scooter ;adopts a foldable design, The weight is only 14kg (30.86lb), but the carrying capacity reaches 100kg(220.4lb). easy to carry, you can fold and store in your garage, small car trunks, etc.

    【Adjustable Three Gear Speed & Durable Battery】The first gear speed is up to 3 mile/h (4.8 km/h); The second speed is up to 7 mile/h (11 km/h); The third speed is up to 15 mile/h (24 km/h). You can adjust the speed freely of the electric scooter. Built-in 18650 mah power lithium battery is in the scooter, power is 270W, charging duration of 3-4.5 hours, battery endurance of 15.5-18.6 miles (25-30 km). It is the best choice for short trips.

    【Reverse Easily & Three Shock Absorbers】 The latest version of the TopMate ES31 electric tricycle has a reversing function. You can control the forward and reverse of the electric scooter through a button switch. The reverse gear speed is up to 3 mile/h (4.8 km/h); The seat has one absorber, and the rear wheels have two suspension shock absorbers, making the tricycle more stable during riding.

    【Recommendation】 It is recommended that people under the height of 5.9 feet and under 60 years old use this electric scooter. Driving an electric scooter requires basic balancing capabilities. Please read the scooter parameters of the Product Description carefully, then refer to your physical condition, height, and weight data for purchase.

    【1 Year Warranty Service】If the electric bicycle has any quality problem, you can return the tricycle within 30 days after receiving it (Please return all accessories and ensure that the tricycle is not damaged). We also provide one-year warranty service, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time, and we will make a solution for you.

    E Rickshaw Spare Parts Suppliers In India

    Known for supplying an extensive array of premium quality E Rickshaw Spare Parts, we offer a wide range of E Rickshaw Spare Parts products in various sizes, designs, and thicknesses, which suit the requirements of our valuable customers in the most efficient manner. These products are manufactured as per the international quality standards by using advanced machinery and equipment. ;

    With a leading name in the E Rickshaw Spare Parts industry, we provide you with the best quality products for all types of requirements. We also supply to remote places of India from Mumbai at no extra cost. Get lifetime quality assurance with E-Rickshaw.